Sarah Burns REALTOR®

Sarah Burns began her career as a housing and community specialist in 2003. Her desire to become a realtor was based within the belief that home ownership constitutes a basic survival necessity, which acts as the foundation for overall well being in terms of stability and creativity. But Sarah also very much desired to make an impact and connection on a deeper relational level. That opportunity was found in 2008 when Sarah begun to specialize in corporate relocation services. Her clientele not only desired to find the right home, but the right community and relationships. To support these deeper desires Sarah began to host events for her clientele which would support the development of new friendships and community connection – events such as catered holiday parties, women who wine evenings, bi-weekly lunches, and hiking, yoga and snowshoeing events. In addition, in effort to assist her clientele in becoming familiar with their new community, Sarah created a blog and business page – The Salt Lake Local - dedicated to talking all about local business in the greater Salt Lake area and Park City area.

Sarah believes that one’s career should be a product and reflection of their deepest passions and personal value system. It is through living and working from this space wherein we create a career which is not only sustainable and abundant, but meaningful.

What are you known for?

My forthright and friendly nature

Born in

California, home of Disneyland!

Proudest Moment

Everytime I see my son behave compassionately towards another person I feel proud

Hardest thing you've ever done

Professionally: Building my business took extrordinary perserverence, time, discipline, and dedication. Personally: Altering the course of a relationship with someone I love.

Perfect Day

Hiking with someone I love, followed by coffee at twilight on the deck of Silver Fork Cafe.

Best gift you've ever received

My father's teachings of never giving up, the importance of discipline, of working hard, taking joy in responsibility, and valuing other people's work as much as my own.

First job

Cutting the lawn, weeding, building our first home with my dad. He paid me well, and becasue he valued my efforts I came to realize my capacity to provide not only for myself but others financially.

Secret talent

I can talk to animals and plants, and they talk back! Really!

Define success

Loving what you do - letting what you do be a mirror for who you are and how you care for others. And, providing for the people you love, and those in need through your craft.

What do you love about Utah?

Hiking, sunsets, parks, liberal hubs like 9th and 9th, Sugarhouse, and the Avenues. Lots of local business and diversity here!



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