Q and A for Renters


What areas in Salt Lake County or Park City are walkable?

Downtown Salt Lake, Avenues and Sugarhouse are walkable.  Beyond this expect to drive five to fifteen minutes for conveniences and entertainment. Most of Park City is not walkable with expectation of Old Town, Kimball Junction, and one or two small pocket areas.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page for more details about the Park City rental market).

I love local business.  What cities offer this?

Downtown Salt Lake, the Avenues and Sugarhouse are abundant with local business.  Holladay City is also up and coming for its support of new and old local business.  Park City is brewing with local business.  Daybreak Community in South Jordan seeks to increase local business and is also known for its beautiful recreational areas (but is not yet on the scale of the other cities mentioned).  Cities further out from the urban center have less local business. In these cities residents will find an abundance of quality chain options, but this is not without exception; and remember, downtown Salt Lake, the Avenues, Sugarhouse and Holladay are all a short drive away.

Are appliances included?

As part of rental agreement, apartment communities include oven/stovetop, microwave, refrigerator, and more often than not washer/dryer. If washer and dryer are not included they can be rented for a monthly fee averaging forty to sixty dollars per month.  If you are renting a single family home or condo more often than not the washer and dryer will not be included.

Are utilities included in my rent?

No. Expect to pay your gas, electric, water, sewer and trash in addition to your monthly rent payment, whether you rent an apartment or single family home or condo.  Occasionally an apartment community or home owner renting their home may include water/sewer/trash, but this is not the norm. 

Is parking included?

Most apartment communities will charge a $15 fee for covered parking, $50 - $60 for underground parking and $99 - $125 for garage.  There are some apartment communities which include garage as part of rent, but this is not the norm.

Is transit close by?

Trax transit is immediately available in downtown Salt Lake.  All other cities require a short drive to Trax. Trax travels into downtown Salt Lake from any city in Salt Lake County with the exception of Herriman and Bluffdale. City buses are also available.  The Frontrunner Train is also accessible for longer commutes. Only buses are available in Park City.

Can I bring my pets?

Most apartment communities allow dogs and cats up to 50 -75 pounds with breed restrictions.  Apartment communities will require an additional deposit of $300 - $500, in addition to $35 - $50 per month in pet rent. If you rent a single family home or condo the deposit amount may be much higher, and rental options will be reduced as many home owners will not accept pets.

Are short term leases available?

Many apartment communities offer short term lease; however, some of these communities will charge significantly more per month for short term.  Most single family home and condo rental agreements will offer long term lease only (12 months plus), though there are exceptions.  If exceptions are found most often they will be in downtown Salt Lake, where rents tend to average higher cost.

What is a media package?

A media package is a mandatory monthly expense charged by apartment communities for cable and internet services.  Some media packages also include smart home features.  The average cost per month is $99 - $160.  Single family homes and condos will not have a media package.

What are the differences between apartment communities in the urban center verses suburban?

Apartment communities closer to the urban center offer fewer square feet and charge higher rents.  The trade off is the walk-ability of downtown Salt Lake and Sugarhouse.  But, many renters opt to live further from city center once they realize drive time to downtown Salt Lake and Sugarhouse is minimal, and convenience and entertainment option are close by in any city. 

I’m considering renting a single family home or condo instead of an apartment.  Are there things I should consider?

Apartment options will offer newer quality (granite, cabinets, flooring, and lighting) then single family home or condos of the same relative price.  Expect a considerable price increase if you desire an updated single family home or condo.  Also many apartment communities will offer shorter term leases.  This is less of an option when renting single family homes or condo. Utilities will also run more per month in single family homes and condos, and renters are almost always responsible for the cost of yard maintenance.  You may also have HOA cost when renting a single family home or condo, averaging $125 - $350 per month. 

Many apartment communities are built like condos or townhomes.  They are priced lower and offer wonderful amentias such as pool, clubhouse and gyms; for these reasons, apartment communities are appealing to many renters.

What is the commute time to downtown Salt Lake if living outside of the urban area?

Expect a 20-45 minute commute to downtown Salt Lake if you are living in Salt Lake County, south of Holladay, or if you are north of downtown Salt Lake, in Davis County.  Traffic is heavier in the suburban areas.  If you live in Park City expect a 20-30 minute drive to downtown Salt Lake depending upon where you reside.  If you live in north Utah County expect approximately a 45 minute commute to downtown Salt Lake.

I’m thinking of renting in Park City.  Is there anything I should consider?

Some people who work in Salt Lake may choose to live in Park City to evade the city smog which occurs predominantly January through end of March.  Rents are substantially higher in Park City.  The drive through I-80 to get to Salt Lake can be treacherous in the winter months.  Snow drifts blow across the road creating a thin sheet of ice which cannot be seen.  If you live in Park City be mindful of this and look at purchasing a vehicle which is fit for these conditions.  Most of Park City is not walkable unless you live in Old Town, but it is well loved for its local business, outdoor concerts, recreational opportunities and film festivals.  Salt Lake also offers a similar culture.

Park City rents soar during prime seasons - fall through winter.  At this time many homes and condos are rented at nightly rates resulting in much higher rents then in the Salt Lake market.  Long term leases (12 plus months) are difficult to find in single family and condo options, and apartment options are substantially minimized in comparison to the Salt Lake market.  Most homes will not rent furnished.  If they are furnished expect to pay a premium.