What to Expect From your Realtor


The Process of Finding Your Dream Home!

Referral to the right lender: 

Your realtor will refer you to an in state lender who understands and is familiar with Utah State Contract Law.  Laws differ from state to state.  Because of this your process is generally more fluid when working with in state lenders.  The right lender will also be thorough in helping you understand different loan options from conventional, FHA, and jumbo loans. Click here for a referral to an in state lender.

Area Tour: 

Designed to help you determine the best communities and neighborhoods for your lifestyle needs. The Area Tour covers exploration of schools, recreational areas, shopping and dining, parks and daily conveniences, museums, art galleries and music venues, as well as helps you determine what to expect in housing styles and prices per area.  

Home Tour: 

Your realtor should be responsible for sending your daily or weekly lists of properties which fit your desired criteria, and setting up showings for evaluation. Your realtor will pick you up and drive you to each showing.

Comparable Market Analysis: 

Your realtor will provide you with the necessary market data, and help you interpret that data so that you can feel confident placing an offer on your dream home. 

Preparing Your Offer: 

Your realtor will gather details to help determine your timeframes for due diligence, financing and appraisal, settlement/closing deadlines, and the arrival of your moving trucks.  In addition, your realtor will help you request particular home inclusions, negotiate the purchase of any personal property, and determine the amounts necessary for home warranty coverage.  When the seller accepts the offered price and terms you are now Under Contract! 


From Contract to Close!

The Right Team:  

Many people are responsible to ensure to the successful closing of your home.  Your realtor will coordinate with your lender and title company to ensure clear title to your home.

Due Diligence: 

Due diligence is the process of ensuring that you are familiar with the cost necessary to sustain the quality, functionality, and safety of your home.  Your realtor will coordinate with all the necessary professionals to ensure you know what you need to know.  This includes home inspectors, appraisers, contractors, HOA managers, and city officials to ensure any remodels or additions have included permits.  Your realtor will create addendums to the contract asking the seller to address any due diligence items necessary for the sustainability of your home. 

Financing and Appraisal: 

Your realtor will work with your lender to ensure your appraisal is complete within the deadlines stipulated within your contract.

Bill of Sale: 

From time to time a buyer may wish to purchase personal property from their seller.  This purchase is separate from your Real Estate Purchase Contract.  Your realtor will prepare the proper documents to allow this purchase and transfer to take place.

Ordering Your Home Warranty: 

Your realtor will customize a home warranty order based upon your personal needs.  This home warranty covers items such as appliances, the changing of locks, garage door repair, roof repairs, and many other items within one year from the closing of your home.   

Home Sustainability: 

Your realtor will request the sellers offer contact information for any contractor they have used to attend to their home.  This list includes people such as landscapers, pool maintenance professionals, roofers, and handymen.

Home Sustainability Plus: 

Your realtor will provide you a list of home contractors they have relationships with for all your home needs, and make introductions as needed.  


Your realtor will set up a time for closing convenient to your schedule and attend closing to ensure all documents are consistent with earnest money deposits, rent backs, and personal property transfers.


Post Closing

One Stop Shopping: 

Your realtor will be well connected in the community.  This is the foundation of their job.  Contact your realtor before or after closing for referrals to anyone you need in the community. Your realtor should send you a list of area professionals, local restaurants, and furniture stores.  If there is someone or something you need which is not on these list tell your realtor.  She will turn this new contact up through her professional connections.